Bobcat Mini GoPro Mount


  • Thick aircraft aluminum mount body
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Neoprene washers
  • Genuine Ram Mount components
  • 4.2 oz fully assembled
  • Camera and camera case not included
  • See the tabs below for a quick installation video
  • Lifetime guarantee

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The Bobcat Mini GoPro Mount for Jeep is the smaller brother to the original Bobcat Mount. Just like it’s larger brother, the Bobcat Mini meant to be subjected to the extreme conditions off road adventurers continuously encounter. It was designed to ensure vibration free footage taken by any action cameras including GoPro while standing up to harsh off-road conditions. It’s simple yet rugged design makes it an excellent GoPro mount for off road vehicles and adventures around the world. Our years of building GoPro mounts for extreme conditions really comes through in the Bobcat!

Easily and Securely Attached

The Bobcat Mini GoPro Mount for Jeep is very easy to attach to any existing bolt location on your body panel or luggage rack. Simply unscrew your bolt, insert the bolt through the 5/16” mounting hole in the Bobcat, slide the included neoprene washer over the bolt, and then screw the bolt back in place. The included neoprene washers serve 2 purposes. The first is to mitigate any vibration making its way to your camera. The second is protect your vehicle from rubbing against the aluminum mount. There is another neoprene washer already installed inside the mount which aids to vibration free footage. The mounting process takes less than a minute to accomplish!

After you point your camera in the angle and direction you desire, tighten down the Swivel arm with the wing nut and then insert the included hairpin into the hole at the end of the bolt. This ensures your camera can not come loose in the Swivel arm. Your mount and camera are now securely attached to your vehicle!

Rugged GoPro Mount for Jeep

We use the same rugged aluminum mount body on the Bobcat Mini as our aircraft GoPro mounts. We figured these mounts have stood the test of extreme G-forces and 240+ mph speeds of aircraft so why change the design! Each mount is precisely CNC milled from thick aircraft aluminum and then outfitted with stainless steel hardware. We are proud Ram Mount® authorized partners and use some of their components on the Bobcat Mini. This allows you to point your camera in virtually any angle and direction. All of this culminates into a mount that will last a lifetime in whatever rugged environment your adventures take place.


All our products are American made and assembled with American labor one at a time in our Montana shop. We pride ourselves sourcing our materials from American companies as well. Because we control the whole manufacturing process from sourcing materials to final assembly, we guarantee all our products with a no questions asked lifetime return policy!



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