In the fall of 2014 I started my private pilot training and soon discovered I wished I could go home from each lesson and recap my flight visually so I could critique my maneuvers and landings. I quickly uncovered there really was no GoPro mount that would allow me to quickly attach and detach the camera from my training aircraft. A need was born! I wanted to develop a mount that I could mount quickly, was secure, required no tools to attach, and was universal to all airplanes. The mounting point on the aircraft was obvious to me...the aircraft tie downs. I came home and went straight to my shop and made the first prototype!
The first prototype was crude, ugly, and cumbersome to install, this being said it was functional and worked well. I still have it and often look at it and laugh. It was from this prototype that I worked my way through several others and eventually came to the current lightweight and easy to install MyPilotPro. While my main focus was on functionality and ease of use, my wife had other ideas about how it looked! She kept at me to make it smaller and easier to use. Thank you Liza, you were spot on with your input!
After getting my pilot's license I found I was using the mount more than I did during my training and absolutely enjoyed watching the footage of my flights when I got home. My friends and family bugged me when I would post my next flight on YouTube so they could live vicariously through my new found passion. It was at this point that I realized I couldn't be the only pilot that needed a universal exterior GoPro mount that fit my criteria of mounting quickly, was secure, and required no tools. A company was born...MyPilotPro Mounts.
I am very proud that MyPilotPro Mounts are entirely American made. I build and inspect every mount that I sell and judging from the feedback I get from customers, they appreciate the quality! This being said, I realize that my #1 asset is not my mounts, it's you my customer. I have a blast interacting with my customers and it's from this feedback that I developed the MyPilotPro Swivel and Spider interior mounts. My promise to you is to not only deliver a great product, but also great customer service!
Safe flying!