We are a memory keeper company. That may be an oversimplified statement but it’s accurate!

Our Mission is to build the most rugged, highest quality, and most secure action camera mounting solutions for adventurers around the world.

While going through my private pilot training I would go home and “tell” my wife about my flight that day but I wanted to be able to “show” her instead. A need was born and I designed my first prototype GoPro mount to attach to the outside of aircraft. I needed to design a mount that would withstand the G forces of flying, would quickly and securely attach to the aircraft, and required no tools to attach. I went straight to my shop and made the first prototype!

I knew I couldn’t be the only pilot that wanted to record their flights from the outside perspective of the aircraft and I quickly realized I was right! Since those early days of starting MyPilotPro in 2014, we have sold our MyPilotPro mounts to customers in every continent in the world. Our customers include government agencies of all levels, universities, corporations, and of course consumers. My small company literally took off!

Flying is not my only interest. I also enjoy fishing all of types, off road riding in my Jeep, and exploring the Rocky Mountains on ATV’s right here in Montana. Filming those adventures with my GoPro cameras became an every trip occurrence. Using the knowledge I gained making aircraft mounts, I carried that expertise into designing mounts for my other outdoor adventures.

I am very proud that MyPilotPro Mounts are entirely American made with American labor. We build every mount in-house and I inspect them all before they ship out. Judging from the feedback I get from our customers, they appreciate the quality! This being said, I realize that my primary asset is not my product, it’s you my customer. I really enjoy interacting with my customers and it’s from this feedback that I developed other products we sell. My promise to you is to not only deliver a superior product that will last a lifetime, but also provide outstanding customer service!

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