Helicopter Camera Mount Ultimate Bundle


  • MyPilotPro Helicopter Mount size of your choice
  • Extra MyPilotPro Helicopter GoPro Arm
  • MyPilotPro Spider cockpit GoPro mount
  • MyPilotPro Spider Swivel cockpit GoPro mount
  • MyPilotPro Wrench
  • 20% off individually priced items


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This is the Ultimate Helicopter Camera Mount Bundle available anywhere! The Helicopter GoPro Mount bundle comes with size of your choosing, an extra Helicotper GoPro arm, both the Spider and Spider Swivel cockpit GoPro mounts, and the MyPilotPro Wrench. You get all this at 20% off the retail price of the individual products!

Versatile Helicopter Camera Mounts

The Helicopter Camera Mount bundle gives you the ability to have cameras shooting four separate angles at the same time. Imagine filming forward out of the cockpit with one camera and another camera facing at you and your passengers. The you add 2 different angles outside of the helicopter and you get all 4 footage’s at once! You can do this with ease using the Helicopter Camera Mount Ultimate Bundle. There is nothing more frustrating than having filmed the wrong shots because you didn’t have the right angle. The bundle eliminates this by providing 2 cockpit angles and 2 exterior angles. In other words, the bundle is the most versatile on the market!


MyPilotPro products in the bundle are American made with American labor! We source the aluminum Spider mount bodies out of Pennsylvania. The stainless steel and aluminum hardware used with our products all come from American companies. We get our die cut neoprene spacers from a company that has been family owned for almost 100 years. As you can see, we take quality serious and that starts with being 100% American made with American labor. As a result, we give a 100% LIFETIME guaranty on this bundle!


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