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With the MyPilotPro Bundle you get the MyPilotPro Swivel, MyPilotPro Mount, and MypilotPro Wrench at a 20% savings! This Bundle is great for multi-view filming of your flight! Attach the MyPilotPro Mount on your rear tie down for perfect straight ahead shots and attach the MyPilotPro Swivel to your wing’s tie down for awesome side shots! There are countless configurations to put them in but whatever configuration you use with the Bundle, you’re assured to get memorable footage of every flight! As always, MyPilotPro products are compatible with all GoPro and Garmin Virb cameras and come with a 1 year money back guarantee.



  • MyPilotPro Mount
  • MyPilotPro Swivel
  • MyPilotPro Wrench
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MyPilotPro Bundle is perfect for pilots who want to capture multiple angles on their action cameras! The MyPilotPro Bundle comes with the MyPilotPro Mount, MyPilotPro Swivel, and the MyPilotPro Wrench. Having both mounts ensures you will get the footage and angles you desire the most! The Bundle is a great value at 20% off the separate retail pricing of the products! Why settle for just one angle when you can get multiple! As always, each mount is made one at a time which ensures quality craftsmanship and all our products come with a 1 year money back guarantee.

Both mounts are compatible with all GoPro and Virb action cameras. They are universal to all General Aviation and LSA aircraft. As long as you have a tie down, these mounts will attach! These mounts are small, lightweight, and fit in the palm of your hand.

Easy to Attach

Attaching either MyPilotPro mount to your tie down ring could not be simpler. The cam lever eliminates the need for any tools and securely attaches the mount your tie down rings by simply closing it. There is a stainless steel cotter pin in the end of the stainless steel rod which ensures the mount can not come off the tie down ring even if loosens up during flight. Taking the mount off your tie down ring is equally easy and just requires opening up the cam lever and unscrewing the knurled nut. The process of attaching and detaching the mount only takes 30 – 45 seconds!

I’m very proud of my mounts and stand behind them with a full 1 year satisfaction guarantee. I also believe in that by providing excellent customer service I will gain your future business and referrals. Judging from my customer’s feedback and reviews, they agree with that!


14 reviews for MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Bundle

  1. Andreas M. (verified owner)

    Quick and fast delivery. Gladly again

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  2. A H. (verified owner)

    Great product guys. Easy install on the tail tie down loop of the plane. Stable video. Sturdy design. I would definitely recommend this to other pilots……. My only suggestion would be to put a bigger wing nut on the clamp for grip comfort.

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  3. Harley K. (verified owner)

    Best GoPro aircraft mount you can find!!!

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    not yet received

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  5. Martin (verified owner)

    Seems well-made and installation is (mostly) intuitive. The ball/gimbal mount seems more delicate than the tail mount. I’ve used the mounts a grand total of 2 times since I’ve received them and no complaints. Installation of the tie-down attached mount does require disassembly of most of the mount, but it doesn’t take long.

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  6. Robert M. (verified owner)

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  7. DAM G.

    After launching my own YouTube just under 12 months ago finding this attachment with a new GoPro is going to massively increase the production values! Best of all it can be attached and removed in 30 seconds!

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  8. Fred E.

    Why didn’t I think of it first – simple quick installation – wouldn’t hurt to have a larger nut for those of us with dexterity problems.

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  9. Christopher W.

    I used this mount on a Beech V35 Bonanza at 165knot cruise with not problems. They work as advertised. I safety wired my gopro to the mount being a little nervous about the camera connection. So far so good I would buy them again.

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  10. Tom R.

    I ordered the aviation mount bundle as it seemed to offer exactly the solution I was looking for, namely a way to securely mount my GoPro Hero3+ externally on my RV-9A using the tie-down rings under the tail and the wings. The order was shipped and arrived very quickly and was well packaged. The first thing which was apparent on opening the box was that the mounts are extremely well made from very good quality materials (I was delighted to note that the swivel mount is a genuine RAM mount). I love the cam lever to clamp it really tightly so the camera is in no danger of moving at all whilst in the air, and the “R” safety clip which goes through the end of the threaded bolt is a brilliant idea. Even if, by extremely bad luck, the tightening thumbscrew were to vibrate completely loose, the clip will prevent the mount (and your expensive camera!) from detaching from the aircraft and getting you in lots of trouble with the FAA or CAA! I used the standard mount on the tie-down ring under the tail and the swivel mount on the ring under the wing (and the additional 3-way arm which is also in the kit gives even more flexibility). Both were easy to fit and both gave excellent results. I was a bit worried that my videos might show some vibration (the dreaded “jello effect” which is apparent in many GoPro aviation videos and which I often get when mounting the camera inside the canopy with a suction mount) but I am delighted to say that on my first two videos (I only tried it out for the first time last weekend) there is no evidence at all of the jello effect.

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  11. Gareth

    I’d purchased another type of mount that came with incorrect screw sizes to mount directly under the wing. It was a waste of my time. I came across MyPilotPro. Their service was prompt. The products are very well thought out and made. It took me a couple of minutes to unbox them and mount one to each tie-down ring. Solid as a rock.

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  12. Tom

    Have been using these two mounts on many flights now, from a 10 day trip to the Bahamas with a C172 and on long flights in a DA42NG at 10000ft at 165kts+. They are rock solid. I have been nervous about mounting anything to the outside of my aircraft or rental aircraft, but not after using these. I’m using the ball mount on the wing and the regular GoPro mount on the tail. Also, customer support from the guy behind these mounts is very good! I ordered these on his website, but I made a mistake (ordered both mounts separately so the cost was more then the bundle, he called me 10min after I had placed the order and asked if I would like the bundle and save)

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  13. Darren M.

    The video I have gotten from this on just my first flight with it has been great. I can not wait to see what other great footage this gets me.

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  14. Chris

    I am in the process of ordering my second set as a gift to a fellow Pilot because of the quality and service. Thank You Marshall for all your help and look out for some great videos!! Defiantly Worth it!!!!

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