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Helicopter GoPro Mount Ultimate Bundle


In this bundle you get everything listed below at an almost 25% discount to retail pricing!

  • 2 MyPilotPro Helicopter GoPro Mount sizes of your choice
  • MyPilotPro Spider cockpit GoPro mount
  • MyPilotPro Spider Swivel cockpit GoPro mount
  • MyPilotPro Wrench
  • Lifetime Guarantee
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This is truly the Ultimate GoPro Mount Bundle for Helicopter pilots! The bundle includes 2 Helicopter GoPro mounts, Spider Swivel cockpit mount, Spider cockpit mount, and the MyPilotPro GoPro Wrench. With this bundle you can record from 2 different perspectives in the cockpit as well as 2 different perspectives from outside the helicopter. All MyPilotPro products are designed to stand up to harsh conditions helicopters experience during flight including high G-force and extreme weather. Our Helicopter Mounts come in 4 sizes from 0.5″ diameter all the way through 2.5″ diameter so you can attach them to a wide range of tubular structure on your helicopter from the landing skids down to the smallest tube. We are proud authorized partners of Ram Mounts® and we use some of their components on our GoPro Helicopter mounts which allow you to point your camera in virtually any angle and direction. Our Spider mounts are precisely CNC milled and are designed to withstand rough flight conditions and stay securely attached to your windshield or any other non-porous surface.


All our products are American made and assembled with American labor one at a time in our Montana shop. We pride ourselves sourcing our materials from American companies as well. Because we control the whole manufacturing process from sourcing materials to final assembly, we guarantee all our products with a no questions asked lifetime return policy!


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