MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Bundle

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With the MyPilotPro Bundle you get the MyPilotPro Swivel, MyPilotPro Mount, and MypilotPro Wrench at a 20% savings! This Bundle is great for multi-view filming of your flight! Attach the MyPilotPro Mount on your rear tie down for perfect straight ahead shots and attach the MyPilotPro Swivel to your wing’s tie down for awesome side shots! There are countless configurations to put them in but whatever configuration you use with the Bundle, you’re assured to get memorable footage of every flight! As always, MyPilotPro products are compatible with all GoPro and Garmin Virb cameras and come with a 1 year money back guarantee.



  • MyPilotPro Mount
  • MyPilotPro Swivel
  • MyPilotPro Wrench
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MyPilotPro Bundle is perfect for pilots who want to capture multiple angles on their action cameras! The MyPilotPro Bundle comes with the MyPilotPro Mount, MyPilotPro Swivel, and the MyPilotPro Wrench. Having both mounts ensures you will get the footage and angles you desire the most! The Bundle is a great value at 20% off the separate retail pricing of the products! Why settle for just one angle when you can get multiple! As always, each mount is made one at a time which ensures quality craftsmanship and all our products come with a 1 year money back guarantee.

Both mounts are compatible with all GoPro and Virb action cameras. They are universal to all General Aviation and LSA aircraft. As long as you have a tie down, these mounts will attach! These mounts are small, lightweight, and fit in the palm of your hand.

Easy to Attach

Attaching either MyPilotPro mount to your tie down ring could not be simpler. The cam lever eliminates the need for any tools and securely attaches the mount your tie down rings by simply closing it. There is a stainless steel cotter pin in the end of the stainless steel rod which ensures the mount can not come off the tie down ring even if loosens up during flight. Taking the mount off your tie down ring is equally easy and just requires opening up the cam lever and unscrewing the knurled nut. The process of attaching and detaching the mount only takes 30 – 45 seconds!

I’m very proud of my mounts and stand behind them with a full 1 year satisfaction guarantee. I also believe in that by providing excellent customer service I will gain your future business and referrals. Judging from my customer’s feedback and reviews, they agree with that!


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  1. Martin (verified owner)

    Seems well-made and installation is (mostly) intuitive. The ball/gimbal mount seems more delicate than the tail mount. I’ve used the mounts a grand total of 2 times since I’ve received them and no complaints. Installation of the tie-down attached mount does require disassembly of most of the mount, but it doesn’t take long.

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  2. Robert M. (verified owner)

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