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Robinson Helicopter GoPro Skid Mount


  • Securely locks into the skid support ground wheel base
  • Aircraft aluminum mount body
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Neoprene spacers mitigate vibration
  • Genuine Ram Mount® components
  • 8.5 oz fully assembled
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 100% Made in the USA

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Our Robinson GoPro Skid Mount is modeled after our very popular fixed wing Swivel mount design and is made to withstand the harsh conditions helicopters experience during flight including high G-force and extreme weather. The mount attaches to the ground wheel assembly which gives you a great perspective in your video footage!. We are proud authorized partners of Ram Mounts® and we use some of their components on our GoPro Helicopter mounts which allow you to point your camera in virtually any angle and direction.

Easily Attached and Secured

The mount is very easy to attach to your landing skid ground wheel assembly. Simply place the stainless steel threaded rod through the inside of the ground wheel assembly, secure the wing nut on the threaded rod, and clamp down on the cam lever. Your mount is now securely attached! This process takes just seconds to accomplish.

Once you have the cam lever closed securely, insert the included stainless steel cotter pin in its’ hole. This pin ensures the wing nut can not come off the threaded rod or your ground wheel assembly. After you point your camera in the angle and direction you desire, tighten down the Swivel arm with the wing nut and then insert the other hairpin into the hole at the end of the bolt. This ensures your camera can not come loose in the Swivel arm. Your mount and camera are now securely attached to your skid.

Versatile and Rugged

Our GoPro Helicopter Mounts are the most versatile GoPro helicopter mounts on the market! You can use them with any action camera such as GoPro. We are an authorized partner of Ram Mounts® and use their 1″ Swivel ball in this mount. This allows you to point your camera in virtually any direction and angle imaginable.

A lot of thought went into the design, materials, and structure of our Helicopter GoPro Mounts. We wanted them to fit any Robinson Helicopter but also be rugged enough to stand up to anything the extreme conditions its’ meant to be used in can throw at them. We use stainless steel hardware and the mount body is made from thick aircraft aluminum. This results in a mount that will last a lifetime in whatever rugged environment your adventures take place.


All our products are American made and assembled with American labor one at a time in our Montana shop. We pride ourselves sourcing our materials from American companies as well. Because we control the whole manufacturing process from sourcing materials to final assembly, we provide a lifetime guarantee all our products!


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