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StrutPro Cessna GoPro Mount


  • StrutPro mount precisely CNC milled from a single aluminum billet
  • Fits Cessna 172 wing struts
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout
  • Included 4ft aluminum tube securely mounts to the StrutPro body via CNC milled brackets
  • Weighs just 3.25 lbs including all hardware
  • Mounting instructions, including A&P guide, can be found HERE



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We spent almost a year designing, prototyping, and flight testing the MyPilotPro StrutPro Cessna GoPro mount. Our hard work and determination paid off in a rock solid and very secure Cessna GoPro mount that attaches to the Cessna 172. The mount is a clam shell design that precisely fits the profile of the wing strut of this aircraft.

The clamshell halves are CNC milled from a single 3 x 2 inch aircraft aluminum billet and provide extreme rigidity and safety. Using a 360 action camera provides the most out of this GoPro Cessna GoPro mount. The StrutPro utilizes stainless steel fasteners throughout which provide an unparalleled secure connection to the wing strut. Neoprene pads ensure your wing strut won’t get marred and provide excellent vibration mitigation.

Easy to Securely Attach

Attaching the StrutPro to your Cessna wing strut is a very intuitive and straight forward process. Mounting instructions, which includes an A&P guide, can be found at this link HERE. These instructions provide clear diagrams and verbiage to make installation a breeze!

Affixing the StrutPro to your Cessna wing strut is done in 2 basic parts. The first is to attach the StrutPro body to your strut and the second is to attach the tube brackets and tube to the StrutPro body. The mount comes with stainless exterior tooth lock washers and stainless steel nylon lock nuts which ensures a very firm and secure attachment to your wing strut.

Cessna GoPro Mount for 172 aircraft

The StrutPro will attach to Cessna 172 wing struts. The included aluminum tube is compatible with all action cameras including GoPro. The MyPilotPro StrutPro weighs just over 3 lbs including all stainless steel hardware.


Our StrutPro is truly American made and assembled with American labor one at a time in our Montana shop. We pride ourselves in sourcing our materials from American companies as well. Because we control the whole manufacturing process from sourcing materials, CNC milling, and assembly, we guarantee all our products with a lifetime guarantee!


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