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SecurePro Thumbscrew


Our SecurePro GoPro thumbscrew is CNC milled from a single aluminum billet. The end of the threads has a thru hole that accepts a cotter pin which eliminates the possibility of the thumbscrew coming undone. Choose from 3 different variations, a single SecurPro, a single SecurePro with a MyPilotPro Thumbscrew Wrench, or 2 SecurePro’s with a MyPilotPro Thumbscrew Wrench.The SecurePro Thumbscrew is the ultimate accessory for GoPro mounts!

  • CNC milled aluminum billet
  • Stainless steel 5mm X 0.8 bolt
  • Stainless steel cotter pin
  • Choose between 3 variations with or without a thumbscrew wrench
  • Weighs just 0.65 oz
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