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MyPilotPro GoPro Airplane Mount

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  • Mount is made of aircraft aluminum
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Neoprene washers
  • Length 1.625”
  • Width 1.5”
  • Height 1.875”
  • Weight 4.8 oz including all hardware

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The MyPilotPro GoPro Airplane Mount is the mount that launched our company and we have sold them to pilots in every continent of the world! It is made of thick aircraft aluminum coupled with stainless steel hardware. You can attach it to any tie down on your aircraft without any tools. Neoprene washers throughout the mount ensure any vibration cannot make its way to the camera.

Easy to Securely Attach

Attaching the MyPilotPro to your tie down ring is very easy. Simply insert the first half of the mount into your tie down ring. Then insert the other neoprene washer, thick stainless steel washer, lock washer, and wing nut on the other side of the tie down ring. Once this is done clamp down the cam lever until it snaps into place. The process of attaching and detaching the mount only takes 30 – 45 seconds!

The mount comes with a safety feature that prevents the mount from coming off your tie down ring as well. After you have attached the mount to your tie down ring and snapped the cam lever firmly in place, insert the included stainless steel hair pin into the hole at the end of the threaded rod. The hair pin ensures the wing nut cannot come off the mount. The hair pin coupled with the 400 lbs of pressure exerted from the cam lever ensures the mount is securely attached!

Universal and Compact

This mount is compatible with all action cameras including GoPro and is universal for all General Aviation and Light Sport Aircraft. If your aircraft has a tie down ring, the MyPilotPro can attach to it. It weighs just 4.8 oz including all hardware and fits in the palm of your hand.


All our products are American made and assembled with American labor one at a time in our Montana shop. We pride ourselves sourcing our materials from American companies as well. Because we control the whole manufacturing process from sourcing materials to final assembly, we guarantee all our products with a no questions asked lifetime return policy!

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23 reviews for MyPilotPro GoPro Airplane Mount

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  1. Thomas Wesley (verified owner)

    Wonderful quality…haven’t used it yet,,but will respond back…great design..

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  2. Byron Y. (verified owner)

    Works great. Good quality mount

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  3. Vaughn (verified owner)

    Used the mount for the first time today. It worked perfectly, is very solid and easy to setup. Thanks!

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  4. Grant Ziebell (verified owner)

    Solidly made. Easy to use.

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The mount is solid and very stable. Initial test over the desert (from a private airport) produced an excellent video void of any vibration or unwanted movement due to the mount (the in-camera stabilization was turned off during the short flight).

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  6. Helmi

    I had a problem with the mount. I talked about it with Marshall . He was very kind and professional. After sending him some pictures by mail. I could receive a new one. Thank you very much Marshall for the customer service and for the quality of the product.
    I wish you and all the aviators safe flight and a happy new year from France !

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  7. Enrico P. (verified owner)

    best mount ever bought

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  8. Denis D. (verified owner)

    Well made. Works great for attaching to tie down ring.

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  9. Gary M. (verified owner)

    Easy hook up, solid attachment system

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  10. Steve H. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and details to help install.

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  11. Gordon S. (verified owner)

    Beautiful workmanship and reliable design.

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  12. Wilbert B.

    I highly recommend it.

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  13. Patrick j.

    Excellent Go Pro mount my videos and pictures are unbelievable now best money spent definitely a must get if you don’t have

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  14. Jason J.

    I own a couple different mounts that I use with my GoPro and C182. I really like this mount because it’s the only one I’ve came across to get good video of the landing gear for reviewing landings. If you haven’t tried that angle yet, it’s definitely worth doing. It can really help critique and dial in your technique. Yeah, I know people who’ve done the suction cup mounts in all different places but that scares me for obvious reasons. It’s easy for people to tell me that the suction cups would hold fine when it’s not their camera or liability on the line. Plus, you can use this mount a bunch of other places where you have a ring or something to clamp it to. It’s built extremely well and I’m confident in it’s safety. I’ve got a strut mount from another company that I like but it’s obviously only good for mounting on the strut. I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t like this mount

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  15. Randall T.

    Bought two to mount GoPro cams on bonanza, kingair and aircam. They work awesome up to and including 255 kias!!

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  16. Dennis C.

    The GoPro mount worked perfectly! Good quality and easy to use.

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  17. Neal W.

    The design, engineering and construction of this camera mount is exceptional. The mount is easy to attached and easy to removed from the airplane or any similar eye ring. It is simply the best mount available, and I highly recommend it.

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  18. Paul C.

    The airplane mount is quick and easy to secure on any one of the tie downs. I highly recommend these mounts.

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  19. Brian W.

    I bought the basic MyPilotPro clamp mount. It is durable and well-constructed. However, the threaded center shaft was a little too short to clamp onto my airplane at the spot I wanted. Marshall sent me a cam lever with a longer shaft for no extra charge. Such good customer service is unheard of. Thank you!

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  20. Ferran R.

    Really cool mount!!! Now I feel safe to put my GoPro outside the aircraft, no worries about suction cups, security strings, etc…Nice job well done!!

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  21. Dr White (store manager)

    Item works great!

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  22. Barry Brutko (store manager)

    This has to be the single best GoPro mount on the market today! It’s so easy to use that my kids set it up as part of our standard preflight. As the owner of a Cessna 172 I had been looking for a solid exterior camera solution for some time. After a quick test flight with the MyPilotPro mounted to my strut tie down I knew I found my product! The quality of the build is first class and the pictures it helps provide are without equal in the market place today. I’m certainly happy that I found this mount when I did!

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  23. Dave C (store manager)

    Brilliant concept on how to mount my camera to the outside of my Cherokee! The pivot arm corrects for the dihedral of the wing. No need for the pivot arm for putting the mount on the rear tie down but it’s nice to have for the wing. Put it through some tests today on both the wing and rear and am satisfied with the results. I love that the hardware is stainless steel and aluminum. Rock solid GoPro mount!

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