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MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Ultimate Bundle

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This is truly the Ultimate aviation action camera mount bundle! With MyPilotPro Ultimate Bundle you get the MyPilotPro Mount, MyPilotPro Swivel, MyPilotPro Spider, MyPilotPro Spider Swivel, and MyPilotPro Wrench. You get all this at an almost 25% discount from their individual pricing! Never again will you miss footage from any angle or direction both inside the cockpit and from the exterior of your aircraft. There simply is no other aviation action camera mount package on the market that offers the value  of what the MyPilotPro Ultimate Bundle has!

  • MyPilotPro Mount
  • MyPilotPro Swivel Mount
  • MyPilotPro Spider Mount
  • MyPilotPro Spider Swivel Mount
  • MyPilotPro Wrench
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16 reviews for MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Ultimate Bundle

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  1. Frank S. (verified owner)

    Outstanding workmanship and quality

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  2. Brett James (verified owner)

    Products are great quality but the customer service is even better.

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  3. Lucina Scarlett (verified owner)

    Received products very fast,customer service was professional and very knowledgeable of the product I was looking to purchase.
    I will be ordering a set for my son, can’t wait to use them mine!

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  4. Ian C. (verified owner)

    Quality well made product, so far so good, still finding different angles for use.

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  5. Lynn (verified owner)

    It’s built to last

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  6. Stuart M. (verified owner)

    Well made and excellent customer service

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolute complete mounting set for all the videos you ever wanted to shoot. No worries, your camera stay wherever you put it with amazing angles you did not think was possible.

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  8. Raymond T.

    For awhile I have been wanting to get into filming my flying, mostly for self-feedback purposes. My initial search for camera mounts led me to various pilots who have put videos of their flying on YouTube or other social media. Some recommended suction mounts and other strange mounts that required tools. Of course, I found the suction mount to be the worst thing to attach outside an airplane, especially as you change altitudes. That was a no-go for me. I needed a mount(s) that would keep the camera(s) on the airplane and utilize existing hardware on the airplane (i.e. the tie-down rings). As the pilot, I have the responsibility on me to not have anything falling off or detaching from the airplane when taxing and in flight. Considering that I fly out of a towered airport, I feel that I have more scrutiny with eyes watching the taxiways and runways for debris. I am very pleased I stumbled upon the MyPilotPro mounts as they are exactly what I needed. It’s definitely an original and creative invention. The MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Ultimate Bundle is the package I went for, and I have no disappointments with any of the products in the bundle. The spider mounts are great for the cockpit as I’m not limited to mounting solely onto a flat surface. I was able to mount onto the curvature of the windows giving me flexibility of camera shot angle. I recommend that the user take a damp cloth and clean/dry the surface before mounting for best results. As for the external mounts they remained intact and attached when I was recently flying in at least 30 knot winds aloft, 15 knot/gusting 20+ knot winds on the surface, and a few relatively hard landings. I enjoy flying on very windy days, so I had high expectations for the mounts. And they delivered. The MyPilotPro GoPro Aviation Mount Ultimate Bundle is definitely a deal vs. buying the various mounts separately. The items come in a well packaged USPS priority mail box (for US delivery) and within a few days of ordering. I highly recommend the products.

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  9. bob c.

    Quality made stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it !

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  10. Andrew T.

    Ive been flying with my own, home made aviation mounts for three years, whilst waiting for a quality product to come to the market. Now, it has arrived, with the spectacular MyPilotPro Aviation Mount bundle. Expertly designed and made I cannot wait to use the full bundle which I ordered in the UK and which was delivered within the week! Fantastic communication from the company and couldn’t be more impressed all round. Happy New Year 

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  11. Michael S.

    This was a gift for my Aviation buddy! He really enjoyed it! Thanks for your prompt delivery.

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  12. Mark E.

    These mounts are awesome! Easy to use, stay in place, very sturdy. Very happy with my purchase.

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  13. Curtis K.

    The ultimate bundle has everything needed for any in-flight GoPro footage I could imagine. I tried the external swivel mount on my Debonair this weekend and it was easy to use, no tools needed, and SOLID. It didn’t budge! Vibration control is amazing… On the videos I took I detected NO vibration noise through the mount and very little vibration on the video. The external tie-down mounts feature a redundant-type design; there are two separate mechanisms at work holding it together so if it comes loose in-flight, it will still not come out of the tie-down ring. If you watch the videos and learn how to fasten it correctly it seems likely you’ll never ever have one come loose. It’s so SIMPLE!! Like I said.. watch the videos. It’s designed to fit the majority of applications… obviously nothing is ever 100% universal so if you don’t have plain old tie-down rings I recommend checking your own application and asking first before making a purchase. 

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  14. Todd P.

    I purchased the bundle to begin filming my return to aviation after a few years off. The quality of the build and materials is outstanding. As a former aircraft mechanic I was pleased to see the wing strut mount included a cotter pin to prevent the possibility of loss due to fastener nuts loosening in-flight. The wing strut and cockpit suction mount both performed flawlessly on a 1.5 hour flight in mild to moderate turbulence. I’m very satisfied with the purchase and recommend without hesitation.

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  15. Miitch D.

    Love this kit because it covers everything you would. Want to do inside or outside of the airplane Plus for outdoor use theirs minimal risk of losing anything while airborne, and that’s most important !!! This is fair priced and the quality is phenomenal. It covers virb,go pro, and fly 370 w ease. Thanks guys!!!

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